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As-salamu Alaykum

My name is Naveed, I have been teaching Urdu for 28 years now. 


I use a variety of teaching methods in my class to make sure that everybody feels welcome, engaged and excited to learn.
On top of that, I do my best to provide students with any help and support they need to get the best results.
In my class, you will never be alone.

Please see below some testimonials from former students.
Get in touch to know more about my approach and to
get a quote.

I look forward to helping you learn Urdu!

- Naveed

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Maximilian Loh 

"Naveed is an excellent Urdu teacher. His teaching method yields quick results and you can learn a ton of grammar and vocabulary in a short amount of time (in fact, much quicker than a university language I once did or with any other teacher I worked with). He teaches well online, is very reliable, and can adapt style and content to your needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to study Urdu - whether it starting from scratch or brushing up on existing knowledge!"


Hubertus Koebke

"Great grammar instructor and experienced educator!"

Jeffrey Dalton 

"This guy is a great Urdu teacher!  When I learned from him, he was teaching all ex-pats living in Lahore.  Naveed really knows how to teach the language, and he's super knowledgeable about it as well."

Tehmina Chaudary

"I've been studying with Naveed for several months now. I knew absolutely nothing about Urdu when we began. I'm not the fastest learner either. Naveed is a wonderful teacher though. He is very patient and professional. He has a great system he uses that makes learning the sentence structure very easy. i highly recommend Naveed if you want to learn this beautiful language."

Robyn Pendleton

"Mr. Naveed's class is comfortable and interactive. His conversation style approach is supplemented perfectly with grammar and vocabulary. I learnt so much Urdu in a short period of time, but most importantly I look forward to class every week because he makes learning fun!"

Harris Ahmad

"Naveed was a great introductory teacher, he helped me gain confidence in speaking and was extremely helpful with foundational grammar rules and vocabulary. I would recommend him to anyone."

Alex Reynolds

"Naveed is a great teacher, and his lessons are very practical. They're conversation oriented rather than about doing worksheets or straight memorization, with bits and pieces of vocabulary and grammar added in each lesson. We get to talk about all sorts of things, not just standard language lesson topics. The flow is very organic, and I've learned massive amounts of Urdu in a short time. Do recommend!"

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